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Space weatherscience is advancing towards a new stage of rapid development. As a newlyemerging discipline, it is essentially playing its role in human society'ssurvival and development. Advances in the field of space weather are booster ofthe development of economic society and accelerator of science and technology.


The 4thinternational space weather conference will bring together scientists coveringall disciplines of space weather, including solar physics, heliosphericphysics, solar-terrestrial physics, magnetospheric physics, ionosphericphysics, atmospheric physics, space weather modeling and application, andground- & space-based exploration. The 4th international space weatherconference aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early careerresearchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in allfields of space weather. We are looking forward to cordially welcoming you inBeijing.


The OrganizingCommittee of


The FourthInternational Space Weather Conference


18 November2016

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